• I've decided to temporarily remove the audio logs and the vlogs from the site. This is for three reasons:

    1. The file sizes are huge, and I want to find a better place to host them
    2. I've neglected the logs for too long and I kind of want a fresh start
    3. I want to do something a little better than me rambling unscripted and unedited into a camera/mic while I'm doing something else

  • I've moved my fediverse presence from Pleroma to snac (and changed domains, too). I have nothing in particular against Pleroma, but even as a small, stripped down fediverse server it was a lot more than I needed, especially for an instance with one user. A lot of fediverse servers are trying to replicate twitter, and trying to get away from twitter to go to a twitter clone is silly. I have a blog post half-written announcing that I was going to leave social networking completely, but snac changed my mind for now. The experience it provides is less annoying than twitter clones, so I'll stick around for now.

Get flubbed

Github has a lot of issues. I'm not throwing stones here, I genuinely have no idea what it takes to manage a site of that size and complexity. During one of their recent outages I registered and just pointed it to Github's status page so that any time I want to check if Github is having an issue, I can type 'gitflub' into my browser and see.

And since I had Github on the brain, I decided to register an account and put up some of the XML and XSLT that powers this site. I even added comments to most of the files.

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