The software I use

Odds are that you don't actually care about the software I use, but it makes blog fodder

I use software almost every day. I use software to manage my website(s). I use software to keep up with RSS feeds. I use software to write text. I use software to browse the Internet. I use software for lots of things I'm not going to enumerate here because you're probably already getting bored.

The list of software that I use has been cultivated over several years (read: dacades) of trial and error. I've touched on this a few times, but it's worth repeating: I don't generally recommend software. At least, not on my website, and especially not when random strangers ask me.

The question "What <adjective> software do you use?" is a façade. The asker isn't actually interested in the software that I use. That's like asking me what toppings I get when I order a pizza. It's a curious bit of trivia that is ultimately meaningless because the asker already has their own preference of toppings (unless the asker has never had pizza before, in which case they're from a country where pizza doesn't exist or they're so young that they haven't been able to convince anyone within arm's length to sneak them a slice yet). They don't actually care what my preferred toppings are, they're actually looking for suggestions about combinations of toppings that they should try, and they interpret my answer as an endorsement.

If someone is really interested in discovering software packages to try, then the question should be more along the lines of, "I'm looking for <something> to do <some_task>. Can you help me find something?". I can help you search. I can show you a list of pizza toppings, but I can't try them for you. You're going to have to figure out which combination tastes best on your own.

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