Sites I block for one reason or another.

This is an infrequently-updated list of sites I block at the DNS level on my home network using a Pi-Hole or whatever other DNS solution I've been futzing around with. I already know that I'm blocking sites that you like or I'm not blocking sites that you don't like, so please don't email be about it.

You can read more about this list here.

Social Media

Social Media sites

Site URL(s) Reason
Facebook,,,,,, They're scum, and they have thousands of domains. This entry will likely always be incomplete
Instagram Owned by Facebook
Disqus, Tracking, adding nothing of value to any website
Whatsapp, Owned by Facebook
Giphy Owned by Facebook, they pronounce the name of their website with a hard 'g' which ruins the joke
Locals Pay-to-play 'social network' that's not worth my time.

Time Wasters

Sites that are specifically designed to waste time, and are exceedingly good at it

Site URL(s) Reason
Boredpanda Specifically designed to be a time-waster, and I come across links to it more often than I want to
Buzzfeed, Top 18 reasons why this site is blocked! Number 7 made my dog faint!

General Annoyances

Sites that annoy me

Site URL(s) Reason
Wikipedia * Bad policies, editor power struggles, way too hard for a newbie to get involved, no original information, fundraisers every other month, search engines return wikipedia blocks instead of actual search results

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