The Video Page

Vidisode 1

Vidisode 1 is where I make silly videos. They probably involve video games in some way. Except when they don't. I'm still working on the name.

Episode 2

In Episode 2 I talk about video games. I have some visual aids, but the one visual aid I don't have is gameplay footage. Is this a huge mistake? Probably! Join me for the trainwreck.

The Vlog

In late 2020 I decided to try vlogging. In early 2021 I decided that vlogging on YouTube was silly since I had my own site. So I decided to start moving the videos here. These videos are more conversational, and they talk about things like software and technology.

Be a better tech support

I've been doing tech support in some form for... a long time. I go over some of the soft skills (and a few hard skills) you will need if you want to be a successful tech supportist.

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